The Great North American Blizzard

The Great North American Blizzard of 1947 hit New York the hardest, dumping record levels of snow onto the streets. The storm forms part of the backdrop to ‘The Mobster’s Lament.’ Below are some photos taken of the storm’s aftermath.

The quote in the first photo above is from the DA’s report that proved so useful for my research for the book. There’s something very sinister about that figure trudging through the snow, and the way it combines with the ‘Fugitive’ poster on the right is brilliant. I think this photo is another from ‘Life’, but I couldn’t find an attribution for it, so if anyone knows, please let me know.

The poem excerpt above is from Billie Collins’ ‘Snow’. I couldn’t find the poem online, so here’s a link to one of his other snow poems:

I did something reprehensible here, and split the poem’s first line so the design would fit better. Sincere apologies to Billy Collins. The photo is by Andreas Feininger, and I think is from the 1956, though I’ve found some sources online saying it’s from the 1947 storm.

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