The Mobster’s Lament Gallery

A selection of images from a board I set up on Pinterest. For the full selection, check them out onĀ Pinterest…

  • Saul Leiter, Parking, 1950
  • Saul Leiter, #Streetphotography, #BlackWhite, #Color, #HistoryofPhotography, #Fotografie, #SchwarzWeiß, #Farbe
  • Saul Leiter - Watching 1952  #saulleiter
  • Photo: Saul Leiter. Chosen for the cover of New York magazine December 2013, decades after it was taken.
  • snowy evening in Times Square, 1947. (Photo Credit: Herb Scharfman)
  • Williamsburg Bridge, New York, 1947
  • Stanley Kubrick. 1948. Copacabana Girl [Showgirl applying lipstick.]
  • new york, 1947  photo by robert frank, from street seen: the psychological gesture in american photography, 1940–1959
  • Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: New York City, Queens
  • Downtown skyscrapers from East River pier (1941)
  • Manhattan's skyscrapers from Jersey City ferry boat (1941)
  • Iconic: Compelling portraits of everyday life, like this image of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1938, form the heart of a new exhibit at The Jewish Museum
  • Striking image: Lightning flies across the sky above the Empire State Building in 1945, while an American flag at street level flaps in the storm
  • Mobster Frank Costello, NYC, 1949.
  • Wash day: Huge numbers of sheets and other laundry items criss-cross the gap between tenements in New York in 1937
  • Shot from The Naked City - Columbus Circle
  • Union Square
  • Berenice Abbott. 1936. Columbus Circle
  • Louis Faurer
  • Serving up a treat: This Italian restaurant - in 1945 - was near the offices of Acme Newspictures, where photographer Ida Wyman became their first female photo printer
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