Dead Man’s Blues Gallery

A selection of images from a board I set up on Pinterest. For the full selection, check them out onĀ Pinterest…

  • These Stunning Color Photos From 1950s Cuba Show a Society on the Verge of Transformation
  • On September 22, 1927, with more than a 100,000 people on hand at Soldier Field in Chicago, Gene Tunney retained his heavyweight title by beating Jack Dempsey.
  • On September 22, 1927, a rapt crowd at Chicago’s Soldier Field watches as pugilist Gene Tunney (white shorts) draws back his left arm to throw a punch at Jack Dempsey. The boxing match would become known as “The Long Count Fight.” Photograph by the...
  • Fans gather for what is now called “The Long Count Fight”  between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney at Soldier Field, 1927, Chicago....
  • September 22, 1927:  In 1927, Gene Tunney successfully defended his heavyweight boxing title against Jack Dempsey in the famous “long-count” fight in Chicago. (AP Photo)
  • On April 28 and 29, 1924, thousands of curious onlookers mobbed the family home at 1505 W. Augusta Street for the wake and funeral for Wanda Stopa, 24. The crowds gathered in hopes of getting a glimpse of the once promising, young Polish girl who took her own life in a tragic ending to a multifaceted love affair.
  • The Mecca flats. 1951.
  • Michigan Avenue. 1928
  • The taxi cab, driven by Ernest T. Wood, that took Wanda Stopa to Palos Park on April 24, 1924. Former Asst. State's Attorney Wanda Stopa went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Y. Kenley Smith. Stopa had allegedly been having an affair with Kenley and went to shoot the couple. She shot and killed the groundskeeper instead, Henry Manning.
  • The Mecca Flats
  • 1927 Stutz Blackhawk - Vertical Eight Custom Black Hawk Two-Passenger Speedster | Classic Driver Market
  • Thousands gathered to catch a glimpse of the body of Wanda Stopa at her wake on April 28, 1924. The 24-year-old former assistant U.S. attorney turned to a life a
  • Chicago ''L''. 18th Street station on October 12, 1943. From
  • Al Capone at The Lexington Hotel
  • Inside The Lexington Hotel
  • Al Capone
  • Industrial History: Union Stock Yard and Transit Company, 1865
  • Inside The Lexington Hotel
  • Vaudeville bills, 1924, Chicago
  • Bergheil. One of Jacob's cameras. from
  • Looking west on Monroe from State, 1914, Chicago. The Majestic is now the Bank of America Theater, where Book of Mormon is playing.
  • George Cohan’s Grand Opera House vaudeville, Clark and Randolph, 1911, Chicago. May Irwin undoubtedly sang her hit, “Hot Tamale Alley”.
  • Chicago’s Greatest Burlesque, State and Congress Theater, 1931, Chicago.
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