Sunset Swing – Map

Some of the name-tags in this map might give away plot points that happen later in the book. It’s probably best to look at this after having read the book.


I’ve used Google Maps for the last few books to help me plan how the characters move around the city, and also to see what exists now, and what existed in the same location in the period when the books are set — this was much easier for Sunset Swing than the previous books because less time has elapsed between when the book is set and now, so less has changed.

Anyway, here’s the map for Sunset Swing. I kept in all the locations which I considered using but didn’t (tagged with ‘unused’, and all the stuff that I did use, but then subsequently took out of the book, tagged with ‘deleted’. There are even a few journeys in there (whole chapters) which ended up coming out of the book.

The map looks much better in Google Maps, click the icon on the top right to view it there, or click the┬áicon on the top left to see details of the pins…


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