The Axeman’s Jazz – Bibliography


For my research I don’t only read non-fiction, but also lots of fiction and poetry that are related to the setting, so that’s why there are these kinds of books in the list below. The list isn’t complete — there were lots of newspapers, magazines, archival material, primary sources and websites I read in addition to what’s below, and there are probably a few books I read which I’ve forgotten to put on the list.

Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans – Thomas Brothers

Satchmo: My Life In New Orleans – Louis Armstrong

Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong – Terry Teachout

Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales – Lyle Saxon, Edward Dreyer and Robert Tallant, Eds

The Terrible Axe-man of New Orleans – Rick Geary

The Conjure-Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem – Rudolph Fisher

American Mafia: A History of Its Rise to Power – Thomas Repetto

Inventing New Orleans : Writings of Lafcadio Hearn – S. Frederick Starr

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